Technical Writing
Your best source for user friendly documentation
Sintrac IT Corp. is your expert source for writing electronic media based technical documentation. Documentation that accurately describes Information Systems, Business or Scientific processes, and allows effective personal training.
Sintrac IT Corp. produces:
  • On and off line user manuals
  • Guided tutorials
  • Systems design specifications
  • Schematics
  • Graphics
  • Proceedings
  • Procedures
  • Processes
With the aggressive proliferation of computer based corporate intranets, Business and Government is faced with unsurmountable needs to maintain electronically accessible documentation. Today, with the impact of ISO 9000 requirements, Companies are asked to provide auditable documented procedures while Government is asked to respond to the evergrowing demand for on-line information.
It is no secret that documentation is a very time-consuming process. Sintrac IT Corp. provides the necessary support and services to allow operational staff to concentrate on doing their work by alleviating the burden of the paper documentation requirement. This documentation process further ensures the survival of the organization in the face of changing personnel and technology. Sintrac IT Corp. consultantswill help your organization:
  • Document operational procedures and work guidelines for various business and scientific processes
  • Rewrite, update and provide conformity to your existing manuals for homogeneous online accessibility
  • Write, edit, publish and maintain quality control manuals for your organization's products or services
  • Link the different levels of documentation through on-line software tools
  • Provide in-house training for writing, maintaining and standardizing documentation
  • Undertake the documentation project from conceptualization to realization l
  • Publish your documentation in print on the Net or on CD-ROM
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