Technical Support Consultants
ORACLE Designer and Developer 2000 Specialist
Dr. Amin Adatia
Dr. Amin Adatia has been a consultant in Information Technology for over 20 years. He has extensive experience in the areas of Strategic Information Planning and ORACLE Based Business Data Modeling. His technical experience covers ORACLE mainframe, VAX, UNIX and NT environments. Dr. Adatia's assignments have included work for both the Federal Government and the private sector.
Dr. Adatia has extensive experience in the field of Database Management and application development, using ORACLE CASE methodologies and tools. He has designed, developed, implemented, audited and managed ORACLE based Information Technology solutions for applications in Finance, Manufacturing, Human Resources, Engineering, Marketing and Research. Dr. Adatia's industry experience spans businesses in Service, Construction, Forestry, Oil Refinery, Energy, Fishery, Communications and Medicine in Canada, the United Kingdom, Africa, Saudi Arabia, the United States and India. He has solid experience in the areas of Human Computer Interface (HCI) design and software ergonomics.
Dr. Adatia has lead and participated in various Quality Assurance groups related to ORACLE software development, he has many papers published for the International ORACLE Users Conferences and ORACLE special Interest Groups. Dr. Adatia is President of KnowTech Solutions Inc. and an associate consultant with SINTRAC IT Corp.
ORACLE Systems Integration Specialist
Mr. Moe Sorour - B. Econ.
A graduate of the American University, Mr. Sorour is a highly skilled Information Systems professional with over twenty five years of expertise in ORACLE Database Design, ORACLE Database Administration, IT Management and ORACLE Applications Development. Moe's experience spans all levels within the systems development life cycle from programming to very large scale Project Management. His in-depth experience using both human resources and technology has awarded him a proud list of successful project implementations.
From his early programming days at IBM to his latter contracting years with MCI/Systemhouse and Andersen Consulting/Synerlogic, Mr. Sorour has designed, managed, administered and implemented ORACLE applications in manufacturing, distribution and Finance in very large organizations such as St. Lawrence Cement plants in Canada and the US and Building Products Canada.
In recent years, Mr. Sorour rationalized database and networking technology utilization at PARAMAX/DND, implemented UNIX/ORACLE IBM based database servers and GUI environments at IMS Canada and administered very large UNIX and NT based ORACLE Database Server environments at Health Canada.
Mr. Sorour possesses excellent written communication and verbal presentation skills in English, French and Arabic.
ORACLE Applications Designer
Ms. Lalitha Tella - MSc. Chemistry
With a Masters Degree in Chemistry in 1972 and Computer Sciences Certification in 1982, Ms. Lalitha Tella is a Senior ORACLE Consultant with over fourteen years of experience in Information Systems Technology. Through her active participation in all aspects of the systems development life cycle, Ms. Tella successfully lead the construction of many large systems development projects in organizations such as Agriculture Canada, Elections Canada, GTIS and Nortel.
Lalitha is a Database Analyst and a certified ORACLE Database Administrator. She professionally designed logical and physical data models for various applications, created databases, installed and upgraded ORACLE software, maintained database security, developed and implemented standards for applications development, for database design, for operational conversion and for user training.
In addition to her extensive background in Information Systems Technology, her disciplined organization, her motivational leadership and her excellent written and verbal communication skills, Lalitha is a development team player with a focus on timely deliverables. Ms. Tella is an associate consultant with SINTRAC IT Corp.
ORACLE Applications Developer
Mr. Daniel Quintin - B.Sc. Elec. Eng.
After 15 years as a Professional Engineer involved in computer applications, Mr. Quintin formally switched careers to Computer Sciences in 1989. He obtained several Diplomas in advanced programming techniques covering C, C++, Visual Basic and ORACLE OOD and GUI environments under Windows. Following graduation, Mr. Quintin went on to developing ORACLE based applications by day and teaching programming courses by night.
Mr. Quintin's in depth knowledge of ORACLE Application Design and Programming, using both, the earlier versions of ORACLE FORMS and REPORTS , and the present ORACLE Designer and Developer 2000 environments, have enabled him to successfully deliver an impressive number of applications on various platforms, such as, NT, UNIX, VMS and OS/2.
Mr. Quintin, Developed Lab Monitoring and Analysis Systems for Health Canada, ORACLE Web Enabled Job Matching Systems for Human Resources Canada, Consular Management Systems for Foreign Affairs, National Address Systems for Canada Post and others.
In addition to his focused ORACLE expertise, Mr. Quintin has developed applications using Power Builder, Impromptu, Progress, Informix, Lotus Notes, MSACCESS, DBASE, Clipper, Foxpro and Xwindow Motif.
Microsoft Applications and Multimedia Specialist
Mr. Mohamed Shentenawy B.Sc. Elec.. Eng.
A graduate of the Faculty of Engineering and the American University Computer Department, Mr. Shentenawy is a seasoned informatics professional with over 7 years experience in Business Applications and Multimedia programming. He joined the US Energy Conservation and Environment Project (USAID-ECEP Egypt) in 1990 as a Computer Programmer and progressively advanced to the management of Electronic Publishing and Applications Development.
During his 7 years with ECEP, Mohamed conceived, designed and, programmed MS ACCESS RDBMS based Business Applications and produced eye catching CD -ROM and INTERNET based interactive and self projecting animated multimedia titles using Macro Media Director, JAVA script, HTML and Adobe Photo Shop. Mohamed completed in depth studies in Multimedia production techniques in the US.
In addition to his experience at ECEP, Mohamed worked for several software consulting firms. There, he designed programmed and delivered DBASE, CLIPPER, MSACCESS, C, C++ and VISUAL BASIC applications to varied industries.
Mohamed speaks, reads and writes English fluently and has excellent presentation, communication and interpersonal skills.
Technical & Marketing Communications Writer
Mrs. Magda Sharara, Degree in Business and Marketing.
Magda is a results oriented project manager capable of organizing priorities and handling multiple projects. She has been involved in design, execution, analysis, reporting, and presentation of national and international market research studies.
Magda has worked on Software Quality assurance from an end user perspective through the development of training manuals at Health Canada and user guides for contractors of Revenue Canada.
At LGS Information Consultants, she translated English/French proposals, corrected user interfaces for database on-line Systems, and developed English/French user training and system documentation manuals.
Besides her Business and Marketing degree, Magda also completed studies in computer science. She is a member of both, the Society for Technical Communications, and the American Marketing Association. Magda is recognized for her excellence in multilingual written and verbal communication skills.