Internet Publishing
Internet presence for your organization can provide access to new customers, facilitate communication, and ease the delivery of products, services and information.
SINTRAC IT Corp. provides service for the creation of World Wide Web (WWW) Home pages for Corporate and Government Canada. It designs and produces professional Web pages for all types of applications.
SINTRAC IT Corp. uses the facilities of the largest Canadian Internet Access Provider:
PsiNet Inc., thus ensuring that your organization has local access from all major cities across Canada.
SINTRAC IT Corp. offers a variety of support, consulting and training services, namely:
  • Creation of WWW home pages.. We will design, compose and record the images, the text, the video, and sound components of your web site ensuring high impact viewing and listening by individuals searching the internet for your products, your services, or other information about your organization.
  • Marketing Consultation. Depending on your organization's sales targets, a strategy for using the internet to generate more business will be formulated and applied.
  • Internet Presence Implementation. We will act as the initial liaison between your organization's site and the internet access provider to set up your presence on the internet
  • Software installation. All necessary components are procured and subsequent maintenance services are provided to ensure your successful operation on the internet.
  • Our Pledge: SINTRAC IT Corp. will ensure that all necessary measures to establish your organization's presence on the INTERNET are executed in a timely and professional manner.
    SINTRAC IT Corp.principals have over a quarter century of experience in the computer industry.
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