CD-ROM Publishing
CD-ROM multi-media is quickly becoming one of the greatest tools in the publishing industry. Multi-media is the delivery of information through more than one media type. Interaction from the user controls the flow of the presentation. The combined effect of text, sounds, animation, and real time video are what multi-media is all about.
SCD-ROM technology has unlimited potential in its application.
Many organizations have realized the advantage of utilizing video, sound, and text in presenting their ideas or products Some impressive uses for a custom CD-ROM are; to orient and train personnel, to create interactive catalogs for products and services, to deliver the marketing message of your organization to all audiences, to publish proceedings, policies, archives, manuals, or even to free management from making the same speech over and over.
We can use CD-ROM to archive personnel and health records, Insurance policies and Bank Checks, Statistics and Surveys, land registry and maps, the list ends only with ones imagination.
Developing a high quality multimedia CD-ROM requires skill.
Sintrac IT Corp. has the experience and expertise to make your CD-ROM project a success. By combining our state of the art resources with top notch programming we can help your organization create dazzling professional CD-ROM presentations.
Sintrac IT Corp. offers CD-ROM design and production from the ground up. The creation of your individual CD-ROM project, from conception all the way through delivery of the final product, whatever the requirements, Sintrac IT Corp. will work with you efficiently and professionally.
Sintrac IT Corp.ís designers, writers, artists, and programmers will help conceptualize your project, create storyboards, write scripts, produce graphics, and plan and create the interactive routes your CD-ROM will take.
Sintrac IT Corp. precision Multi-Media recording and mastering systems in conjunction with an alliance with reputable imaging and CD Pressing plants can produce from one to one million high quality CD's within budget and on schedule.
For an initial consultation on your CD-ROM project, contact
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