Europe: SINTRAC Balkan
SINTRAC -Balkan was founded in Varna Bulgaria by Canadian Capital in 1995. Sintrac - Balkan acts as East European commercial sales agent representing over 5000 Canadian manufactured and distributed consumer products. Sintrac Balkan supplies East European Importers, re-Exporters and Wholesalers with the following Canadian resourced consumer goods:
Hardware & Home Sports & Leisure Automotive
Tools and Mashine Shop Gardening Needs Auto Maintenance Supplies
Painting and Drywall BBQ and Patio Furniture Auto Repair Equipment
Window Covering Outdoor Sports Equipment Auto Parts
Microwave & Kitchen Equip. Camping Equipment Car and Truck Accessories
Home Security and locks Fishing supplies & Electronics Comfort and Safety Items
Nails , fasteners and Adhersives Boating Canoes and Motors Carriers and Towing Needs
Lighting fixtures & Furniture Tennis Equipment Tires
Electrical Parts and Repair Golf Equipment Batteries
Plumbing and Water Systems Swimming Pools Motor Oil & Additives
Sintrac World Trade adheres to the standards and recommendations for Trade Facilitation and Information Exchange as established by the United Nations