SINTRAC World Trade in Canada
SINTRAC World Trade Corp in Canada acts as the Export Manager and the North American resource office for Sintrac World Trade operations in Eastern Europe, Western Europe, the Middle East and the Far East. Sintrac in Canada, in addition to resourcing Equipment for Agriculture, Tobacco Manufacturing, Heavy Industry, and Infra-structure building systems, resources over 5000 Canadian manufactured and distributed consumer products.
Sintrac Canada supplies East European, West European and Middle Eastern Importers, re-Exporters and Wholesalers with sources for North American procured
Hardware & Home Sports & Leisure Automotive
Tools and Mashine Shop Gardening Needs Auto Maintenance Supplies
Painting and Drywall BBQ and Patio Furniture Auto Repair Equipment
Window Covering Outdoor Sports Equipment Auto Parts
Microwave & Kitchen Equip. Camping Equipment Car and Truck Accessories
Home Security and locks Fishing supplies & Electronics Comfort and Safety Items
Nails , fasteners and Adhersives Boating Canoes and Motors Carriers and Towing Needs
Lighting fixtures & Furniture Tennis & Golf Equipment Tires and Batteries
Electrical Parts and Repair Swimming Pools Motor Oils & Additives
Plumbing and Water Systems Computer & Video Systems Used Cars & Busses
  • Steel pipes from 3" to 144" diameter
  • Ductile pipes from 80mm to 800mm with fittings
  • Reverse osmos Seawater desalination systems
  • Egyptian crafted Art and Antique reproductions
  • UP