Sintrac Inrormation Technology Corporation
Through association with several systems development consulting entities, interests, affiliations and strategic representation; SINTRAC today boasts over a quarter century of expertise in Information Systems Technology.
SINTRAC Technology covers the ever expanding areas of Telecommunication, Inter and Intra-Net Business Applications and Multimedia Development.
SINTRAC personnel and associates stand at the forefront of technical innovation and excellence.
SINTRAC IT Corp. experience spans all levels within the systems development life cycle. From programming to very large scale project management, SINTRAC IT Corp., since its inception, has accumulated extensive experience using both human resources and Information Technology to achieve corporate objectives.
In recent years, SINTRAC consultants rationalized database and secure network utilization at National Defense, implemented UNIX/ORACLE based Intranet database servers and GUI environments at IMS Canada, administered very large, UNIX and NT based, ORACLE RDBMS environments at Health Canada, and developed dazzling Multimedia courseware for USAID projects overseas.