SINTRAC was founded in Egypt by Middle Eastern Capital in 1987 with the purpose of providing local commercial agency representation for foreign companies. The company quickly grew in local commercial agency representation trading with Government and private enterprise. The company specialized by industry sector expanding its operations by dealing through a network of wholesalers and distributors.
In 1995, through the incorporation of SINTRAC World Trade, the company formalized its international relationships and moved from local agency representation to international trade with marketing, trade offices and agents in several countries: in Egypt to cover the Middle East, Bulgaria for Eastern Europe, Britain for Western Europe, Canada and the US for the North American markets and in Taiwan for Asia. SINTRAC World Trade Corp is poised for continued expansion in active trading countries in the future.
SINTRAC WTC as an International trading house, is becoming an active contributor within the global economy through its increased engagement in International Trade. The scope of its activities covers a broad range of trading enterprises including: World Trade, Product & Company Representation through Export Management to Europe and the Middle East regions. Manufacturers interested in exporting are thus supplied with a firm grasp of the local conditions for successful trade in the foreign markets where SINTRAC WTC operates.
In addition to heavy industry and infrastructure development products, SINTRAC WTC deals with the export of consumer, medical and agricultural products. The company, on behalf of foreign manufacturers, handles all tenders and requests for quotations for the local supply of industrial and agricultural machinery, and spare parts in specialized industry sectors.
The experienced performance and close cooperation between SINTRAC's workforce in its various offices and warehouse facilities in Europe and the Middle East regions, provides its clients with tremendous advantage in marketing, finance, local distribution, and quality delivery of goods internationally. SINTRAC provides its clients with a solid cultural understanding of the laws, regulations, and financial requirements of the foreign markets in which it is present.